3 Books to Read in 2018 to Transform Your Business Mindset

There is no shortage of studies and articles on the connection between business success and leadership mindset. However, with an abundance of “how to” books and classes out there the messages are getting louder but not clearer. I love these three books because they are a combination of research-based studies with practical tools to help you succeed in business (and life). And guess what they only additional tools you need, you already have.

These are a great way to start the new year focusing on you, your goals and your success.


Read this book if: you want to be reminded that “doing the right thing” will bring the most success

This is not a new book. In fact this year it is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary.  But the story and the message still ring true today as much as ever. The book is a simple parable about a young salesman looking for his next big deal. When he meets a potential client who sends him on a Karate Kid like adventure, the salesman learns what is really means to be successful and how true wealth is achieved – by giving. The Go-Giver is a reminder that “doing the right” thing is always the right thing – and ultimately leads to more profits.

How can you give more this week? This month? Can you give your time? Your expertise? Your money?

(In the spirit of giving and because I love this book so much, email me at carrie@nextlevelcoachconsult.com and I’ll send you a copy of the Go-Giver for free. Put “Go Giver” in the subject line and tell me a way you have “given” this week.)


Read this book if: you want to improve you and your employee’s EQ

There is a lot of talk in senior leadership about EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and something that is highly valued in the hiring process. There are tons of studies that the higher someone’s EQ is, the better fit they can have within your organization, and a big part of EQ is empathy. However, before reading Unselfie I thought that empathy was an inherent trait you were born with – this book (and its 30 years of scientific research) proves otherwise. Empathy can be learned (and at any age).

This book is marketed as a parenting book and ways to help your kids be more empathetic in an “all about me” world. But I think its applications in our professional lives (and especially with our employees) is gold.

Have you read this book and tried any of the exercises? Have you shared this with your team?


Read this book if: You have a pile of “started” projects and not sure why they aren’t finished

While I love a physical paper book I did listen to Finish via Audible, and I think the audio version is worth it to get some of Acuff’s additional tidbits. Acuff’s mixture of humor and personal examples, combined with scientific studies and practical applications, actually make you want to finish your current project.

Acuff states:

The sneakiest obstacle to meeting your goals is not laziness, but perfectionism. We’re our own worst critics, and if it looks like we’re not going to do something right, we prefer not to do it at all.”

While the book takes a hard look at perfectionism it also reveals what environments can create the best success to complete your goal. Since I love to create “Environments Of Success” with my clients this was right up my alley. After all, the environment always wins.

In all this is a great book to start off the new year with focused intention of not letting “Perfect be the enemy of good.”

                What project are you going to finish this week? This Month? This Year?

I invite you to visit my website for more recommended titles at www.carrieDclarke.com. This latest article from Entrepreneur.com that states reading makes you “smarter, richer and healthier” – all reasons to pick up one of these books today.

All the best,


Carrie D Clarke

Carrie D. Clarke, J.D. is lawyer turned business coach and personal strategist. Carrie collaborates with small business owners and executives to increase their profits and accomplish goals by focusing on values, applying evidence-based strategies and enhancing their strengths. Carrie is available for speaking engagements, 1:1 coaching and custom workshops.