Coaching / Consulting

Values + Strategies + Mindset + Accountability = NEXT LEVEL Success

Working With a Coach

We don’t think you need to commit to working with a coach for months or years on end to get results. The goal is to have a series of strategy sessions where we roll up our sleeves and create some serious momentum and strategy map to reach your goals. Sometimes just one laser focused session is all it takes to get you on the right track. Then you get some time to implement these tools. Of course, if you want more accountability we can do that too, but our strategies will help you reach the Next Level quicker and easier….we promise.

It’s hard work but the ROI on coaching is 700% and you will reach your goals nine times faster than trying to go at it alone. Hiring a coach from Next Level Coaching & Consulting may be the best investment you make in your business all year.

We can work together to...

  • Create new streams of revenue and get you out of the day-to-day operations
  • Develop 90 day, 1 year, and 3 year strategic plans
  • check
    Improve your leadership and team engagement
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    Clear blindspots and re-gain a CEO success mindset

It’s time you worked ON your business...
instead of only working IN your business

75-Minute Strategy Session

Are there one or two areas of your business where you feel stuck?
Are you ready for the Next Level but not sure where to start?

These are intense and focused sessions to create results in one to two goals you are trying to achieve (or stuck on how to achieve them). We will exchange a detailed questionnaire before the session so that we start the call ready to make serious progress.

These sessions are ideal to create a plan for:

  • Getting more clients
  • Creating focus and clarity on where to take your business
  • Creating a 90 day plan to cut through the overwhelm
  • Tackling a mindset issue
  • Creating a hiring or outsourcing agenda

These sessions are for small business leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-achievers ready to get results immediately.

Investment: $247


What could you achieve if you dedicated one full day to working on your business strategy with a certified business coach?

VIP days are ideal to: 

  • Map out your next quarter, year, and 3-year strategic plans
  • Create and implement a new marketing strategy
  • Delve deep into leadership and success mindset strategies
  • Deep dive into your business and uncover areas to grow, eliminate, and optimize

Each day is customized, unique and full of results that you can achieve in one day what would normally take over three months.

Investment: $2400

 5 Session Coaching Package

Results After 5 Sessions:

  • A strategy map for Next Level Success: finances, revenue models, team, tools/technology, marketing, liabilities, and outsourcing options
  • Regain your clarity and focus: resulting in improved efficiencies and balance
  • A 360 Review of the CEO including personal skill sets
  • A determined runway for finances, relationships, and self
  • A 90 day and 1-year Strategic Business Plan
  • A CEO Mindset and tools to tackle limiting beliefs

Don’t waste years and spend thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to take your goals to the Next Level when we can get you results in 90 days.

Investment: $997


Business Consulting varies from coaching in a few ways. Often a coach is there to guide and empower their clients, and consulting can often be more straight forward and provide more specific frameworks. Carrie, our founder, is a certified business consultant with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and has worked as an attorney and international business consultant. As your facilitator she has a breadth of tools and resources at her disposable ready to help business owners take their success to the Next Level. 

Half Day Strategic Planning

4 hour strategic session to delve into one to two areas of business.

Half day sessions are ideal to help the leader of the organization develop or fine-tune: 

  • Hiring strategy
  • 6 months, 1 year, and 3 year performance goals
  • Leadership presence

Investment: $1000

1 Day Strategic Planning

When was the last time your business spent an entire day with the leadership team dedicated to your business strategies for the next month, one year, and three year visions? Full day planning sessions can be used for the entire leadership team to create and implement a new marketing or business plan for the coming fiscal year. Can be custom tailored to include team-building, leadership break-outs, and board presentations.

Investment Starting at: $2500

 5 Business Consulting Sessions

These sessions can be conducted in person or virtually to delve into specific business issues and concerns ranging from :

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing plans
  • Growth models
  • Hiring/team management
  • Succession planning

Investment: $997

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

~Sun Tzu